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You've stumbled across our extranet. In case you did not know, an extranet is a next-level connection between you and us, so I'm elated you found us. Right now our extranet doesn't have a whole lot of "extra" but as time progresses we will have opportunities to do more together in more efficient ways. For example, imagine having one place to gather all of your machine information: manuals, the latest tips, tricks and trends for using your food forming machine. 

The links below will help guide you to the interesting content we post online. Right now this is our easy way to disseminate new information. Don't get us wrong, the main website is still king, we just find this way a little easier for us. 

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About Tomahawk Manufacturing

Thanks for visiting our extranet. If you want to learn specifically about our products please visit our main website. Tomahawk Manufacturing was founded in the early 1990s by Robert Tournour. Over the years Robert and his dedicated team have moved the food forming industry forward with advanced technology, faster production, and improved food safety. We have eight food forming related patents for patty forming machines, meatball rollers and various other food forming machines.

Our roots are quite small, starting with providing superior forming machine replacement parts, then rebuilding Formax ® food forming machines

Industrial Food Forming Machines

That's us. We make high speed, high product volume machines that are made to run for a very long time in between maintenance cycles. This amounts to the highest possible productivity for your food forming operation. Whether it is a hamburger patty maker or an industrial meatball or kibbeh roller be sure that our industrial meat equipment will do the job. 

We Speak Formax® and MP Equipment!

For decades we have been improving on machines from Formax® (now owned by Provisur®) and MP Equipment. Read more about how we can rebuild or upgrade your Formax® F-19 or Formax® F-26 to run like a Tomahawk!