Tomahawk Anti-Leak Pump Box Window

Loosing Product Between the Plunger and Pump Box Wall?

Each shift, a significant amount of food product can aspirate through the rear of the pump box during normal patty forming. Food product, fats and oils form a liquid seal between the plunger and the pump box wall forcing product to be pulled back as the plunger returns. This vacuum forces product out of the cavity, and wasting it. This can accumulate up to hundreds of pounds per shift! That equates to wasted product, lower productivity, wasted time because you have to clean up, and money lost due to product going to waste.

The Tomahawk Solution

Vacuum is eliminated as the plunger is returned with Tomahawk's 26" Anti-Leak Pump Box Window. Air is vented through a slot near the plunger's rearward travel. Because air is vented, vacuum in the pump box is eliminated minimizing product leakage. The Anti-Leak Pump Box upgrade can be retrofit on various OEM 26" formers. By adding our patent pending anti-leak pump box mechanism to your food forming machine you can ensure the efficient, cost effective operation of your patty forming machine.

Tomahawk's TH-12106-A
Anti-Leak Pump Box Window
Reduces Product Waste Each Shift!

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Patent Pending.

Anti Leak Pump Box Window

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