Extended Wear Shuttle Arms

Tomahawk Manufacturing is proud to offer the highest quality shuttle bars in the forming industry. Our shuttle bars are precision ground on all four contact surfaces. This dimensional stability decreases drag on the mold plate drive system and increases the life of the shuttle bearings and shuttle bar wipers. The decrease in the drag on the mold plate drive system also reduces wear and tear on other drive system components, such as the connecting rod, drive arms, and gearbox.

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Tomahawk Manufacturing offers shuttle arms for any OEM former, including paperfeed and XP styles.

Whether its an advanced Tomahawk TM forming machine or a Formax® F style former, Tomahawk offers a superior choice in shuttle arms.

Call us and ask how our shuttle bars can help save money and machine down-time in forming operation

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What is a Shuttle Arm?

In a food forming machine, a shuttle arm is long bar that both acts as the structure of the larger shuttle assembly. The shuttle assembly holds and transports (shuttles) the mold plate in a linear motion. Shuttle arms actually glide across Shuttle Bearings. The friction resulting in this linear motion is significant. Lubrication between the shuttle bearing and shuttle arm is required. This creates an issue for food processing environments where only special food-safe lubricants are required to protect the health of consumers. All of these complicated issues are the impetus for our technology innovation. Our Vitalloy shuttle arms and shuttle bearings utilize a unique and patented alloy that is self lubricating! By combining Vitalloy shuttle arms with Vitalloy shuttle arms we are able to provide a consumer-safe product and improve the productivity of food processing operations worldwide. 

What is a Shuttle Bar?

Some people call shuttle arms shuttle bars. A shuttle bar is exactly the same thing as a shuttle arm.