Mold Plate Drive Reducer

The mold plate drive reducer takes torque from the drive and adjusts the speed for proper travel of the shuttle arm. They are relatively simple gearboxes, but innovative design has brought enhanced longevity to these little devices.

OEM Mold Plate Drive Reducer Life Too Short?

OEM mold plate drive reducers use single enveloping gears due to their relative simplicity and low cost of manufacture. Single enveloping gears depend on the mesh of one to two teeth to transfer and multiple torque. This design provides an economical solution for low and medium horsepower applications but life of these units can be quite short causing painful unnecessary downtime to change. Insufficient cooling from elevated oil temperatures also shortens life. Now, an alternative reducer is available.

Mold Plate Drive Reducer Illustration
Tomahawk: A better fit to meet the growing needs and demands of the food forming industry.

Tomahawk Solution

A heavy-duty replacement reducer using double enveloping gears is now available that will double your OEM reducer life! Our replacement reducer housing is vented and comes with a fan to improve cooling, this means lower oil temperature and improved lubrication performance. Lubrication between the worm and gear is also improved due to a more favorable directional flow of the design . Double enveloping gears provide two to four times tooth drive contact over OEM's single enveloping designs. We are so confident the replacement reducer will provide double the life of your OEM unit we guarantee it! Contact us today for info. about upgrading your OEM formers.