Formax® Industrial Hamburger Patty Forming Machine

Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc. listened to the customers who owned Formax® food forming machines and used their ideas and concerns to create improvements to Formax®'s equipment. At some point we realized that we could just build a better machine. That's how we evolved our great line of machines. But we never let go of our roots, to this day you customers call upon Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc. to listen, improve and serve a better Formax® forming machine. 

Upgrade Formax® F-19™, Formax® F-26™ Forming Machine to Improve Uptime

The most common thing we heard was the need to reduce downtime (improve uptime). Adding our Vitalloy shuttle bearings and extended wear shuttle arms  to  a Formax® forming machine's shuttle assembly will reduce wear on these components by as much as 500%! Our Vitalloy components can also eliminate the need for extra lubrication, which means less working parts to break down. That translates to a machine that can run five times longer between maintenance windows. Upgrade Formax® food formers with our mold plate drive reducer to dramatically improve the machines reliablilty. 

Improve Formax® F-19™, Formax® F-26™ Food Former Productivity

Adding Tomahawk's patented multi-flow technology, anti-leak pump box to practically eliminate food waste at the pump box. Upgrade your Formax® food former, multiple-row mold plate apparatus will improve your Formax® former's performance by leaps and bounds. 

We also Rebuild Formax® F-19™, Formax® F-26™ Patty Formers - Better than New!

At some point your Formax® will have it's better days in the past. That's no reason to give up on your beloved machine. As much as we would love to see you a new Tomahawk TM-1000, TM-400, TM-26 or TM-19, the truth is we can rebuild your Formax® patty / nugget former to work like new at a far lower cost than buying a new machine. The best part about a rebuild is we can add all of your innovative features so the end result doesn't run like new, it runs significantly better than new.