Hamburger Patty Forming Machine

Our line of hamburger patty formers provide industry leading performance, unbelieveable flexability and numerous patented innovations. The equipment we build is of the finest quality and is perfect for any high speed, high volume hamburger patty forming operation. 

Who needs a hamburger patty former?

Large hamburger forming plants that knock out thousands of patties per hour need their machines to run for a very long time. Tomahawk Manufacturing hamburger patty formers are made for the job. We enhance our products with rare and unique alloys that improve food safety and productivity for the long haul. So the short answer is very large companies have the most to gain by using a Tomahawk made hamburger patty forming machine. 

Why are Tomahawk's hamburger patty formers superior?

Since our best innovations are patented only we can include them into our machines. So to make our patty formers superior, we pack them full of our patented innovations. Consider our patented double row molding appratus, using one of our patented mold plates will increase throughput. But that's not all, while we speed you up, we also add our patented venting window technology to our Anti-Leak Pump Box, this nearly eliminates hundreds of pounds of otherwise wasted food product. That means more patties formed and more value out of your machine. 

But don't worry if you have a Formax® patty forming machine or an MP Equipment hamburger patty former, we can retrofit your machine with our expertly crafted machines. We do it all for you. 

What does an industrial hamburger patty forming machine do?

The short answer is they take ground hamburger in large volume, hundreds of pounds and stomp out thousands of hamburgers, really fast. Our Engineers have patented a multi row mold-plate apparatus that effectively doubles the throughput of our machines running at the same speed. The mold plate is the part of the hamburger patty former that actually guides the shape of the resultant patty. Patties do not have to be formed in circles. Our customers ask us for all kinds of crazy shapes and forms, duck shaped hamburger anyone?

Hamburger patty formers are not just for beef. They can form any kind of meat or vegan food product into a patty. 

Where do I order a patty forming machine?

When will my patty former arrive?

It can take a few months to design and build your machine so plan ahead. Usual turn around is three to four months. Our expert installers will be on the spot to get your machine up and running and tune it to operate at peak performance.