Tomahawk Manufacturing's Innovative Inventors

Our Engineers continue to innovate products for food processing. Click the links below to see what our inventors have created. 

Robert Tournour  Diagonal linkage knock out Vent system for food processing machine Food processing machine with increased mold plate fill area and stroke Method of producing food patties using multiple row molding apparatus Double row molding apparatus Bob Tournour founded Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc. the early nineties with the simple objective of providing high quality products for the food forming industry and has grown the company ever since.
picture of inventor Anthony Owen
Anthony Owen
Fill system for forming machines Anthony Owen is our Senior Project Engineer working in the tooling (e.g. mold plates and breather plates) department. He brings years of industry expertise to the table. We're happy to have him on board. He has been with us since 2006!

Meet Our Dedicated and Creative Engineers!

Click the pictures above to see a detailed description and patent by each of our talented Engineers! Even if your requirements are outside our most common solutions: Hamburger Forming, Chicken Patty Forming, Meatball Forming they are happy to Listen Improve and Serve. We know you want to give us a call and get one of our stellar Engineers on your next food forming project.

In addition to forming machines our Engineers are expert at servicing your tooling needs. Mold plates, knock out bars, breather plates and some of the best quality replacement parts on the planet.