Meatball Making Machines and Meatball Makers

Meatball Making Machines

Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of meatball rollers and meatball formers.  Our meatball-making machines are constructed of Stainless Steel, ensuring many years of food-safe operation and durable enough to withstand repeated washdowns. Tomahawk's meatball-making machines roll perfect meatballs and kibbeh / kibbie, your customers will be pleased with the end product.

A Versatile Meatball Maker

Tomahawk Manufacturing meatball-making machines are very versatile meatball formers. This is due to our innovative machine design. By incorporating a reciprocating platen into the design we've made adjusting portion size of each meatball the machine rolls as simple as changing the height of the upper platen.

Make Meatballs while Managing the Mess

The upper platen of our reciprocating platen design is equipped with a quick-automatic release allowing for easy and safe clean up. With the time you save you can jump right into batch #2! The sturdy and durable stainless steel construction ensures you can wash down without compromising the machine.

Tomahawk TMB Series 19" Meatball Maker

Tomahawk Manufacturing TMB series meatball roller

Rotating Formed Meatball Rollers

We have two sizes of rollers. Our 19" rotating formed roller's larger design can process more product, perfect for larger and industrial operations. Our 6" rotating formed roller has a much smaller footprint on the floor. The reduced size and lower production rates provided by the six-inch model are perfectly suited to smaller operations such as butcher shops and regional restaurants.

Freedom to Experiment with new Product

Are you working on the next trend in meatball rolling? Maybe you're looking to create a vegan meatball, perhaps something completely new and different. Consider our smaller 6" rotating formed roller for your next R&D project. The reduced size and low run capability are perfect for short runs that are indicative of R&D projects. The quick clean up makes it easy to try several different recipes on the same machine with minimal downtime.

Meatball Making Monster Machines!

The Tomahawk TMB series meatball forming machines are truly meatball-making monsters. A 19" rotating formed roller can turn out hundreds of meatballs per minute without batting an eye. The 19" rotating formed roller is self-cleaning to keep the machine running longer between stops. A direct drive mechanism for the roller simplifies the mechanical design by eliminating chains, gears, pulleys, and belts.

See the TMB Series Meatball Maker in Action

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